Welcome to NIFCO

Hi, everyone,


General inquiries can be made through this website using the email: info@nifco.org.


Please check our Facebook page for updates or to stay in touch with the NIFCO community online.


For members, or users of our services or the facility who want to schedule events for the future or meet to discuss projects, etc.,

we ask you to connect by email or cell phone. (Staff contact info is published on this website.)



NL VaxPass  - NIFCO policy updated October 22, 2021


For anyone wishing to book media suites or studios, make appointments to attend meetings, or register for workshops at NIFCO:


As of October 22, 2021, you will be required to show proof of Vaccination to enter the facility. Staff will scan your

Vaccination Record QR Code using NLVaxVerify from your phone (NLVaxPass) or a paper copy.

Vaccine records will not be checked for rental pick-ups or drop-offs, but masks must be worn at all times.


Thanks for your support and understanding as we continue to figure this out together!


(NIFCO continues to operate on “doorbell access” in order to monitor who and how many people are in the building at one time.)






We provide a creative environment and practical support for media artists and we operate a state of the art post-production facility for the film and television industry - all managed by filmmakers, for filmmakers.




NIFCO is made up of four jellybean row houses in the heart of historic downtown St. John's.  The interior has been extensively renovated to house sound studios and online colour correction suites.


The interplay of talented and technically creative people at NIFCO ensures that each project is given equal care and attention.